Top 10 Wizards and Witches in Harry Potter Series

The Magical World of J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter books is filled with some great wizards and witches which makes their judgement a difficult task. So, today I have somehow managed to complete this task excluding the squibs, and magical creatures like elves not being considered on the list. We are taking into the account only the adult witches and wizards comparing their skill set, technique, power and magical knowledge. With this let us start our countdown of the Top 10 Wizards and Witches in the Seven Harry Potter Books (excluding The Cursed child).

10. Filius Flitwick

One of the most under-rated and smallest Hogwarts Professor Filius Flitwick was actually a prodigiously gifted wizard. Despite his smaller stature, he was a formidable wizard proclaimed to be the greatest Charms Master alive and his knowledge of the subject was unsurpassed.  He was able to perform both non-verbal and wandless magic something that only a few had ever achieved. He taught Charms at the school and eventually became the Head of Ravenclaw House. He also played a crucial role in the Battle of Hogwarts by casting shield charms around the Castle, enhancements which were only broken by Voldemort himself. In his youth, Flitwick became a great duelist which came in handy at the battle as he duelled many death eaters and also killed Antonin Dolohov- Death Eater and duelist who killed Remus Lupin and defeated Alaster Moody.

9. Sirius Black

Sirius Black is undoubtedly one of the greatest wizards in the Harry Potter series. He is an anamagous, an expert in transfiguration, is super intelligent, has endured dementors for years and expert at non-verbal magic alongside being a superior deulor. He was framed for Potters’ murder and was eventually sent off to Azkaban where he spent 12 horrifying years. But then he eventually broke out something that no one has ever done. Even the death eaters have had help from the Dementors while breaking out of the Azkaban. Also, he hangs out with Buckbeek, who he tamed and took care of. Sirius had included physical combat with his duelling which makes him nearly unbeatable. Also, he was able to fight off Lupin when he was in his werewolf form. If he didn’t fall through the veil then there is a very good chance that he would have defeated Bellatrix Lestrange in their duel in the Ministry of Magic.

8. Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley is one of the greatest witches of her Generation. During the Second Wizarding War, her family goes through a lot despite all this she keeps a level head and takes care of everyone in the Order of Phoenix. Aside from being a great support system she clearly defeats Bellatrix in the Battle of Hogwarts something that no ordinary witch or wizard would be capable of.

7. Alaster Moody

Alaster Moody A.K.A Mad-Eye Moody had lost so many body parts throughout his journey but is still feared by many. Mody is personally responsible for nearly half of the Azkaban’s population. It was actually his reputation that got him killed as Voldemort assumed that he would be the one guarding the actual Harry Potter in the Battle of Seven Potters. Voldemort had a good reason for this presumption as Moody was a Charms expert, along with Transfiguration, Herbology, Defensive Arts and Potions. His protective charms on the Grimmauld Place were so strong that Voldemort himself was not able to break them.

6. Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange is one of the deadliest witches or wizards who ever live. She was a Dark Arts expert along with non-verbal magic, Unforgivable Curses especially the Cruciatus Curse and Occlumency which she even taught to his nephew Draco. She is responsible for many murderers including Sirius Black  & Nymphadora Tonks and tortured many including Neville’s parents and Hermoine. She has successfully duelled many Aurors and was the last Death Eater standing in the Battle of Hogwarts except Voldemort himself until she was finally bested by Molly Weasely.

5. Minerva McGonagall

An anamagous and master at Transfiguration Minerva McGonagall survived both the Wizarding Wars as the member of the Order. She leads the charge at the Battle of Hogwarts proving her worth. She is also an expert in charms and Dark Arts using the Imperious Curse on the Carrows and is capable of producing the Patronus non verbally. She also Duels Severus Snape which was equally matched and also fights Voldemort alongside Kingsley and Professor Slughorn. She also goes on to be the Headmaster after the Battle a position well deserved.

4. Severus Snape

Severus Snape, a bad guy or a tragic hero whatever he may be but he sure was a great & powerful wizard. While his time at Hogwarts Severus knew more Hexes and Curses in his first year than most of the seven-year students. His knowledge can be seen by the improvements he made to the seventh-grade potions textbook. He was a skilled Legilimens which aided him in working as a double agent and Voldemort. He even defeated Gilderoy Lockhart with a single spell and even created his own spells like the deadly sectumsempra and the healing spell. The Half-Blood Prince has also the ability to fly without the broom a fate only achieved by Voldemort.

3.  Gellert Grindelwald

The second most dangerous Dark Wizard the world has ever seen Gellert Grindelwald who would have succeeded if Albus Dumbledore had not intervened. He led an army terrorizing much of Europe in the Global Wizarding War. Grindelwald was hell-bent on finding the Deathly Hallows along with Dumbledore and eventually got the Elder Wand which he lost to Dumbledore in a duel which lasted for three hours. He was extremely intelligent with only Dumbledore being his only equal. He was a Dark Arts expert and was suspended from Durmstrang for experimenting on the same. Also, he was an expert in non-verbal and wandless magic. Even at the time of his death when Voldemort killed him to get the Elder Wand the very old Grindelwald mocked him “Kids these days, What did they know about evil”.

2. Tom Riddle

Tom Riddle A.K.A Voldemort is, of course, one of the most formidable wizards of all time as there were only a few who can stand against the Dark Lord himself. He killed many great wizards and witches including Alastor Moody, Severus Snape, James and Lilly Potter to name a few. He successfully duelled Kingsley, McGonagall, and Slughorn simultaneously at the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry escaping Voldemort’s attacks was not skill but the results of flukes both the times. He was a child prodigy who started the biggest war in the wizarding world. The descendant of Salazar Slytherin he can speak Parseltongue, an expert in Occlumency and Dark Arts creating his first Horcrux at the age of 16. Even when facing the Elder Wand or using it when he was not its master Voldemort was able to best many powerful opponents and was one of the only two wizards able to fly without a broom.

1. Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore is undoubtedly the greatest wizard and the most respected Hogwart’s Headmaster of all time. Being the only wizard feared by Voldemort and the only one to successfully duelling Gellert Grindelwald, Dumbledore is arguably the greatest wizard who ever lived. He is an expert in non-verbal spells, Occlumency, Legilemency, Charms, Transfiguration, can turn himself invisible, discovered the 12 uses of Dragon Blood and can create complex objects out of thin air. He won the Elder Wand from Grindelwald, had the Invisibility Cloak and later on got the Resurrection Stone making him the Master of the Deathly Hallows. Thus making him completely invincible throughout the magical world.

Honourable mentions

-Harry Potter

-Hermione Granger

-Kingsley Shacklebolt

-Horace Slughorn

So that’s my top 10 wizards and witches. See you later.

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