The Unknown Origins of Jon Snow’s Sword “Longclaw”

Hi guys! Today I want to discuss the shocking and strange Origin’s of Jon Snow’s Sword Longclaw and how it holds a dignified and separate place in A Song of Ice and Fire.


Most of you would be knowing the basics for the Bastard Sword Longclaw that Jon Snow currently wields. Just to refresh your memories, It was given to Jon as a gift from Jeor Mormont the 997th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jeor comes from Bear Island a small house in the North where Mormont House rules. Jeor Volunteered to go to the wall apparently because he wanted his son Jorah Mormont to get Lordship over Bear Island. Jorah, as we know, fled from Westeros to avoid execution by Eddard Stark because he was caught selling poachers into slavery. The whole background to that is Jorah was married to a Noble Women from the High Tower Family who favoured a luxurious life and unfortunately, Jorah could not afford to give her wife that lifestyle and resorted to committing illegal acts to fund the expenses. Longclaw was Jorah’s Sword by this Point but because he disgraced his Family he left it at his home before sailing to Esos.

Jeor ended up receiving the Sword at Castle Black from his sister where it basically collected dust for many years. After Jon saved Jeorahfrom the Whites he decided to change the palm hole changed from Bear to a White Wolf in honour of Jon. Fast-forward to current timeline and Jon Snow still Carries Longclaw. It has proven very important in the battle against the White Walkers being made of Valyrian Steel, One of the few materials that can harm the dead army.

Anyway, what’s odd about the Sword is that it only Dates back to Five Hundred Years at least that’s how long the Mormont’s have had it and its history before that is relatively unknown. To get an idea of how rare Valyrian Steel weapons are one could think about this that the process of creating these weapons was lost in the Doom of Valyria. According to Tywin Lannister, there are only three Black Smiths living today who can successfully rework the magical weapon without losing its unique characteristic features. No one can, however, produce Brand new Valyrian Steel because the secret has since been lost. In the Citadel where all the world’s knowledge is claimed to be residing there is a Book titled “Inventories”, it shows that there are 227 Valyrian Steel know weapons in the Westeros. Although many of them are unaccounted for by now.

Historically only the most powerful and wealthy families in the Westeros had one or two. Tywin was so obsessed with getting a Valyrian Sword for Lannister House that when he got his hands on Ice the Valyrian Steel Sword of the Stark’s he got it forged into two Valyrian Seel Swords Oathkeeper and Heartsbane for his son and grandson respectively.  Most of the Valyrian Blade shown in the series has an extensive history that can be traced back many centuries or even millennia but Longclaw does not. Before the Mormont’s received it nobody knew where it came from. Also. the Mormont House does not have that kind of pool over the realm so it’s quite strange that why they would have an exquisite weapon like Longclaw.

Some people believe that it may be a lost Targaryen Family Sword, One of two that are famously known to come over to Westeros from Valyria during Aegon’s Conquest. They were Blackfyre and Dark Sister. Blackfyre is the actual Sword wielded by Aegon himself and Dark Sister being the Sword of his Sister wife Vasenya. Dark Sister was last seen with Brandon Rivers a.k.a. The Blood Raven, after the time Longclaw had been in the Mormont Family so its unlikely to be the same blade. But Blackfire, however, Aegon’s Sword went missing before Longclaw was ever even known about. Another crazy fact, Longclaw and Blackfyire are the same size sword- A Hand-and-a-Half Sword. Also, known as a Bastard Sword. throughout Blackfyre’s history, we know that it was given by a Targaryen King to his Bastard Son instead of his rightful Son.  If two Blades end up being one and the same then what a coincidence it will be having been own by two Targaryen Bastards even though Jon Snow isn’t technically a Bastard as R+L=J (Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark = Jon) being confirmed by their marriage but was brought up like one.

So, guys, these are my thoughts on Longclaw and its shocking Origins.

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