Is the Winter Really Gone in Game of Thrones Season 8?

Spoiler Warning!!

Stop Reading if you are not caught up with GOT Season 8 Episode 3.

Sunday night episode of Game of Thrones titled “Long Night” saw our favourite characters fighting for the living against the Night King and his army in the Battle of Winterfell. Many of our beloved characters died including Jorah Mormont, Beric Dondarrioan, Theon, Greyjoy, Lyanna Mormont, Lord Commander Edd and Melisandre.

The biggest death of all was that of the Night King himself by the hands of Arya Stark. Thus ending all the White Walkers, Ice Dragon and the whole army of Whites.

But was this really the last time we saw the night king? The army that caused havoc over the Seven Kingdoms the entire show can actually be defeated in just a single episode. Many fans including me believe that might not be the case.

In the past, Game of Thrones has gained itself a notorious reputation for killing major characters and keeping them dead but there have also been some resurrections like Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion. It’s hard to believe that the whites were just the side villains and the shows main battle is that of the throne. let’s dive into this some more.

In the Second Episode of Season 8 Bran says that the Night King is coming for him and he wants to kill him as he is the source of all the memories of mankind and he would wait for him in the Godswood using himself as bate so that others can attack him. Thus ending the Night King and his army and that’s what exactly happened as the Night was lured into the Godswood and was killed by Arya just before he was going to kill Bran. But are we certain that the Night King’s motive behind killing Bran is the same as described by him?

According to my theory the Night king is the future self of Bran who wants to kill the present day Bran in order to prevent him from warging back in time and becoming the Night King in the first place with the help of the Children of the Forest and thus ending the cycle of misery for the Night King.

But Bran is aware of his motives and thus orchestrates the whole thing in order to save himself from his future self.

Also, when the series starts we learn that no one has seen White Walkers for thousands of years such that most of the population in the Westeros consider them a myth. Then why do they suddenly appear now? It could be possible that with the birth of Bran the Night King found a way to end his miserable existence by killing his younger self and thus is after him since the beginning of the show.

Now the second question arises that can the Night King comeback and my answer to that is Yes.

Right before the Night King is killed there is someone in the castle who was supposed to be a white but isn’t. Its Gilly’s Son Little Sam. So there could be a possibility that if Night king is Bran then with the help of his warging abilities he could warg himself into little Sam and manifest himself later. So we can say that the Night King’s Magic is not Dead.

Finally, as Benioff explained, that there is no reason to assume that dragon fire will not kill the Night King, there is also no reason to assume that it will. Then there is no reason to believe that by killing the Night King with the Valyrian steel also kills the magic of the White Walkers permanently and also Night King was made by Dragon Glass to the heart not Valyrian Steel to the heart. So I doubt the possibility of absolute eradication of Night King and his Magic.

This Concludes my Theory and I hope that you guys would like it. Share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

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