Happy Birthday Harry Potter: 39 Best Harry Moments

The Chosen One turned 39 and there is celebration in the fandom. Interestingly its also his creator’s birthday. J.K.Rowling turned 53 and we cant thank her enough for the amazing blessing she bestowed upon us in the form of this enchanting world of Magic. Its on July 31, 1991, Harry James Potter,  turned 11 and was introduced to his magical heritage and legacy. From there we were drawn into an amazing world full of friendships, family, self discovery and above all “MAGIC”. Since its inception we all are waiting for our own Hogwarts Letter and today is all about celebrating the day our favorite Hero got his. This one is all about those small and big moments that shaped the Character of Harry Potter and immortalize him for eternity. So here is a list of 39 moments that made Harry Potter better than the Felix Felicis –

1) We can never forget the little boy who lived in the stair closet of his maternal aunt Petunia Dursley and her family unaware of his magical Inheritance. He freed the captive snake from the zoo giving us a glimpse into his kind and caring soul.

2) Harry becomes a “Candy Man” and bought a whole lot of sweets from the trolley. You’re welcome Ron, free chocolates for all.

3) Sock comes to the Rescue! 12 year old Harry saving Dobby from his cruel master Lucious Malfoy at the end of the Chamber of Secrets.

4) Saving poor Neville’s Remembrall from Draco, and scoring a spot in the Gryffindor’s Quid-itch team.

5) Saved Hermione from a Troll that too in his first year despite of not liking her that much in the beginning. Courageous or as Macgonagall would say Sheer Dumb Luck!

6) Selflessly sacrificing his life in order to save Ginny and being ready to die at a mere age of 12. Thanks Fawkes for coming to the rescue.

7) Making Ron believe that he gave him the Felix Felicis is one of the most clever and amazing friendship moments throughout the series. Pretending to give him liquid luck but actually giving him the same old confidence, Genius.

8) Taking Luna to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party was a sheer act of kindness.

9) He also helped Luna in finding her shoes and other stuff. I Still think Nargles were behind it.

10) What a satisfying moment it was to see Harry and Dudley make their final peace in the Deathly Hallows? Shame it didn’t make into the movies.

11) Despite of all the chaos and mishaps, Harry being true to his promise brought back Cedric’s body to his father.

12) He spared Peter Pettigrew’s life saving his Dad’s friends from being murderers making it one of the character defining moments for Harry.

13) Scrimgeour: “Remembered that I am not Dumbledore, who forgave your insolence and insubordination? You may wear that scar like a crown, Potter, but it is not up to a 17-year-old boy to tell me how to do my job! It’s time you learned some respect!” Harry: “It’s time you earned it.” Harry being all bold and straight up bad-ass.

14) “Sorry Professor I must not tell lies!” in the Order of Phoenix. Still makes me cheer.

15) Harry and Ginny’s first kiss (not the movie) is the most romantic moment in the series. While locked away in detention while Ginny clenched the Quidditch Cup, Harry realized he didn’t care what Ron thought and kissed her during the victory party.

16) He went to Nearly Headless Nick’s Death day party even though he really was not in the mood for that.

17) Always supported Hermione’s initiatives as he was the official secretary of S.P.E.W.

18) He saved Sirius with a Patronus charm in the end of Prisoner of Azkaban thinking it was his dad, sweet and sad at the same time.

19) He used the Marauder’s Map quite frequently and efficiently sneaking in and out of the castle to Hogsmade. Mischief Managed!

20) The line “No need to call me Sir, professor.” Snark!

21) Gave all his Triwizard Cup Money to the Weasley Twins thus making him indirectly responsible for Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and all the jokes that comes along with it.

22) “I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.” Absolutely true.

23) The final empathy he had for Snape, even naming his child Albus Snape Potter says a lot about Harry’s character.

24) If you wanna cry just remember the time of Dobby’s death and how Harry buried him with his own hands without using any magic.

25) In his Fifth Year Harry Potter became a complete bad-ass by founding and running Dumbledore’s Army. Just a usual anti-ministry, pro-defense training organization.

26) He faced death every year till the age of 17 and was still willing to fight in order to save everyone’s lives on regular basis.

27) When Ron left the Trio in the Deathly Hallows he stood by Hermione’s side and later welcomed back Ron with open arms, no grudges.

28) When Harry discovered about the Dragons in the Goblet of Fire, he told Cedric about that as all the other contenders already knew about the challenge except Cedric. We can say our Harry is a Gryffindor with a slight hint of Hufflepuff in his heart.

29) There is this weird conversation between grown up Harry and Remus about responsibility and love after he found out Remus wanted to leave a pregnant Tonks.

30) “Wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life?” Harry being Sassy. Order of Phoenix really brought out the best in Harry.

31) Neville might frustrate Harry sometimes but he always had a soft spot for him.

32) “Yeah, Quirrell was a great teacher. There was just that minor drawback of him having Lord Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head!”. Teacher feedback provided by Harry Potter in the Order of Phoenix .

33) In the Goblet of Fire he rescued Fleur’s sister Gabrielle in the lake during the second challenge of the Triwizard Tournament even though she wasn’t his to save.

34) Saved Dudley from the Dementors and even faced the trial for doing the same.

35) “I guess you’re Dumbledore’s man through and through! Aren’t you Potter.” (Order of Phoenix) Always following Dumbledore, no questions asked.

36) On realizing the true reason for his connection with Voldemort he was ready to do what was necessary. He was ready to die to save everyone else.

37) Defeating the Big Bad Voldemort and saving the whole community from his terror and putting a definitive end to the The Great Wizarding War.

38) Throwing away the Elder Wand after being his true master and also destroying it forever shows how Harry Potter is a true hero in every sense.

39) Finally, he grew up married Ginny, became a brother to Ron, a son to Molly & Arthur and a father to three beautiful children. All was well.

Thats all for today Potter-heads. Stay tuned to Entertainly for more.

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