Batman Vs Justice League

Batman is defined by so many things from his great leadership skills to his high-tech gadgets and training but what really makes him is stand out are his skills as a tactician. There had been many vigilantes but his ability to outsmart his opponents is something that elevates him to a superhero status. In spite of all these great qualities, batman’s paranoia is a sort of a shady character of his. He imagines the worst of worst and has a backup plan for it. This paranoia of his has even led him to device a contingency plan against the Justice League itself. This story is featured in the 2000 comic book storyline Tower of Babel which was also later loosely adapted by  Justice League: Doom a 2012 direct-to-video animated superhero film.

In the story, it is discovered that Batman is keeping a secret file with all the contingency plans against each of the League members in case any of them goes rogue. Those plans were later stolen by Ra’s al Ghul in the comics and by  Vandal Savage in the movie. While in the comics Ra’s al Ghul acts alone with the League of Assassins while in the movie its Vandal Savage who forms the Leign of Doom comprising of   Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Bane, Metallo,  Mirror Master and Ma’alefa’ak which help him to take out the Justice League with the stolen plans from the Bat’s Computer. All these plans gave us a great deal about Batman’s psychic that whomsoever it may be he would never let his guard down irrespective of the level of closeness he may have with the person. He saw these plans as a necessary evil for the greater good of the society.

Let’s discuss how Batman would take down all the Legion members one by one :


Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite that is something that everyone is aware off but Batman found a way to make it more destructive and successfully weaponize it. Batman experimentally created a Red Kryptonite by exposing a sample of Green Kryptonite to radiation. After being exposed to Red Kryptonite Superman’s skin would become transparent which would lead him to feel immense pain. It will also exceed his natural solar absorption to a point where all his super senses will overwhelm. This would incapacitate Superman making him weak and hurt without killing him.

Green Lantern:-

Green Lantern’s power resides in his ring and in order to guide his ring he needs his vision. So the only way to stop him is to blind him. Batman figures out a way to blind Green Lantern with his own ring’s power. A post-hypnotic suggestion could be planted into the Green Lantern’s Psyche causing him to believe himself blind. The ring will make him blind enforce by his own power.


Flash is actually a difficult one to figure out. His speed and healing ability makes him immune against most of the attacks making him a difficult opponent for anyone. But Batman found a way for this too. A Specially designed “vibra-bullet” which would strike the Flash in the back of the neck and he will experience seizures at light speed eventually suppressing him.

Wonder Woman:-

Wonder Woman’s determination and will is the weapon that Batman uses against her. If she turns to the dark side then his plan is to inject nanite into her ear which will trap her into a virtual reality where she would be battling against someone whom she cannot defeat and is equal to her in all aspects. Due to her extreme determination, she would refuse to surrender and will keep on fighting till her last breadth which would eventually tire her and later may cause her to die of exhaustion.


Aquaman is a pretty simple one. As he needs water to survive so the best way to defeat him is if he ever became aquaphobic. If this happens he would die in hours. This could be achieved by using an altered form of Scarecrow’s fear toxin which can create a fear of water in Aquaman.

Martian Manhunter:-

We all know that Martian Manhunter’s weakness is fire. But fire is practically difficult to use because of his other powers in case he goes Rogue. Batman came up with a plan to use a nanite virus spiked with Magnesium in order to defeat him. This would convert Martian’s skin to magnesium and will lead him to burst in flames once he came in contact with the air.

Plastic Man:-

If ever gone rogue Plastic Man would be a unique opponent as every molecule of his body is under his command which enables him to transform himself into anything that he could imagine. But Batman had a plan for him too. If he ever changed sides then the best way is to freeze him with Liquid Nitrogen or any other agent is the best option in case of emergency. After that storing him or shattering him is one’s choice.

Green Arrow:-

The best way is to Immobilize one of his arms which will subdue him for a time. Also, one could cut off his fortune and mess up with his family life that he could not function properly.


Firestorm can be overcome by splitting it back into two people via bombardment from a linear particle accelerator and destroying their combining agent making them unstable to function even later on.

Black Canary:-

To fight the Canary one could use a Tear Gas. If administered quickly enough will cut off her ability to speak or scream. Also, Batman had recordings of her scream which when played out at equal intensity will cancel out the sound wave.


Batman even had a plan for himself as well. According to Batman himself, the best way to defeat him is to disable his strategic abilities by distracting him with his parents and his endless crusade to protect the innocent. Like taking Hostages or tampering with something related to his parents is a good option. In both the comics and the movie his parents’ bodies are stolen.

So, we can say that among all the Heroes only Batman is the one who is willing to do whatever it takes and is even ready to fight his own friends if they ever turn evil for the betterment of the people. Thus making him a true hero in every sense.

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