Avengers 4: Title Reveal & Trailer Breakdown

We are in the Endgame now………….

After months of speculations and theories the First Trailer for Avengers 4 is here , with the reveal of the title : Avengers Endgame confirming the speculations made by many.  Its by-far the  most anticipated trailer in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The co-director Joe and Anthony Russo, released the trailer on their Twitter account earlier this morning. So lets dig in and start breaking down the trailer it by bit…….Spoiler Alert for those who want to go to the theatres with a blind eye and for us nerds lets start!

The whole theme of the trailer is a bit mournful. As speculated by many its clear that the movie is not gonna have a Time jump but rather would kick off shortly after the events of Avengers: Infinity War. We see Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man drifting through space with no food and water recording a Good Bye for message
Pepper Potts in his half broken helmet as
his oxygen is set to expire the next morning. “Part of the journey is the end,” he reflects mournfully, accepting his fate. 

Next, we see a wide shot of Benatar- The Guardians’ Ship inhabiting Tony and Nebula (who we see later in the trailer). But somehow they are unable to get back to earth and as a result Benatar is floating through space, with no resources. Thus, convincing Tony that he is about die…. 

There is a great shot of Stark looking all sombre and reflecting waiting for a rescue or waiting to die as all the resources on the ship are over with only a days oxygen left.

Last shot of Tony’s heart wrenching as he turns off the helmet after telling Pots that he will drift off dreaming about her. Its really the most helpless and hopeless we have ever seen him.  Marvel has done a great job of breaking our hearts just in the first 40 seconds of the trailer and they wont stop at that.

It seriously hurts. It wasn’t enough for them to make Avengers: Infinity War title turn to dust , now Marvel Studios is turning their 10th anniversary logo to dust too. Its just painful.

Next shot is straight from the comics.  It exactly resembles the scarecrow the Mad Titan constructed from his armor 
 at the beginning of “The Infinity War” comic book miniseries. It is meant to represent withdrawal and his personal departure from the grand problems that plague life. His part is over and is living a peaceful life on his farm (at Titan 2 as suggested by Russo’s) having a feeling of that everything is right in the world because of his actions.

Next we have Thanos walking 
through an alien field of flowers and the gauntlet appears to be as damaged as it was from the end of Avengers: Infinity War as  Black Widow is talking to Steve Rogers, “Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do”. But from the looks of the Gauntlet we can say that he would not be able to muster up a second snap for a long time. The Last time it was all about The Mad Titan but this time it will focus more on the heroism of the good guys.

Next we see a clean shaved Cap with a tear rolling down his face who is still grieving for everyone who disappeared after Thanos snapped half of all living beings out of existence, including his lifelong pal Bucky Barnes. With Black Widow by his side we can see them trying to cope up with their losses and heartbreaks. 

Steve has shaven but Natasha is sticking with the Blonde ‘do.  As always, she’s a realist. Fifty percent of all living creatures are gone. So, lets work with what we have got. For her, there is no use crying over spilled milk.

Next we have Bruce Banner pondering over the profiles of missing allies whose status is unknown. Scott Lang is the most prominent and an obvious one as we all know what happened at the end of the Ant Man and the Wasp i.e. him being stuck in the Quantum Realm. The next one is a surprise as it is the picture of  Shuri  who most of us assumed to be alive and speculated would take up the mantle of Black Panther as Tachala was dusted away, but we are sure that she is alive somewhere.  Last  Shuri’s picture changes to Peter Parker, also labeled as missing, since no one on Earth seems to know what happened on Titan thus making Tony and Dr. Strange to also lie in the category of missing.

This shot inside Avengers headquarters shows an empty garage or hangar. This feels like a shot of an abandoned facility as the aftermath of the snap.

Then their is a glimpse of Thor sulking on a bench while Steve  acknowledges  their defeat by saying, “We lost. All of us.” 

This is a just a conformation shot acknowledging that Stark is not alone on the ship Nebula is there with him accompanying  each other in their final hours.

Steve Rogers continues his sad motivational speech, “We lost friends” and then we see Nebula reach out to something maybe remembering her sister Gamora .

When Steve says “We lost family” we cut to a cloaked figure wielding a mighty nasty looking katana sword. The costume immediately triggers with comic book fans. That’s the master assassin Ronin.  In the Comics the Ronin  was first revealed to be Daredevil’s one-time girlfriend Echo. She was on a mission to slaughter the murderous ninja clan that Netflix watchers know as The Hand. 

After accomplishing her mission, Echo passed off the Ronin identity to 
Hawkeye a.k.a Clint Barton.  By the looks of it we can say that he lost his wife and kids in the snap and is now retaliating the only way he knows. 
His only option is to get back in the game, and he’s not playing around this time. “We’ve lost a part of ourselves.” No trick arrows, no friendly quips.  This time its personal.  I suppose that would be enough to drive someone to become a rogue assassin again. Thus making us wonder again that how much time has actually passed on Earth after the snap.

We have Steve Roger back in his 
stealth suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier looking down at his 
treasured compass containing the love of his life, Pegger Carter. “This is the fight of our lives.”

It seems like Cap and Natasha have a plan as she says the words of encouragement “This is gonna work, Steve.”  Whatever this is, we don’t know just yet.

But even Cap seems a bit shaken  when he says, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t.” The trailer has no smiles or hopes only despair and darkness. Thanos has turned MCU into a Sob fest we hope Doctor Strange knew what he was doing while handing over the Time Stone.

Speaking of Doctor Strange, finally we have the much awaited title of Avengers 4 in the climax of the last film. Avengers: Endgame. This trailer actually make it seems like the Endgame. If you’re looking for hope that our heroes will win the day, notice that the fractured Avengers logo is being pieced back together.

This actually the best part of the trailer as  Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, has finally freed himself from the Quantum Realm and he’s at the gates of Avengers HQ. Thus providing the trailer with the 
tiniest bit of comic relief and a bit of humor.  The world has assumed he’s among those killed in the Snap making Steve Rogers and Black Widow so shaken when they realize Ant-Man has pulled up at their front door. Thus supporting some popular theories about Quantum Realm being the final answer to all our Heroes’ prayers.

Lastly, Avengers: Endgame is opening a little sooner than originally expected i.e. April 26, 2019 and still it appears to be a long wait.

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